At Action Church, Inc. our mission is to win souls and make disciples who are true power-filled and Christ motivated individuals who are people-oriented so the Great Commission of Jesus found in Matthew 28:16-20  continues.   To see our people understand and reach the full potential and full benefits God provided!

We believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and its life-changing power as

II Corinthians 5:17, the old is gone, everything is new! 

God's Word is powerful and absolutely necessary to live a true Christian life.

​​​In their early 40’s God combined the ministries of Pastor Mike and Dottie, with over 42 years in ministry. After serving for 25 years under God's Word in Action International Faith Center, a decision to change the name took place!  Action Church, Inc. has the same heartbeat as God's Word in Action International Faith Center, just a new name and look!  Their mission is to  reach the homeless, bikers, the incarcerated and multi-types of amazing people.  Their heart is for the brokenhearted, those considered misfits, defeated and the not quite ready for “prime time” church folks! The reward is seeing people become productive, loving, life-changing Christians.  They  have many connections with ministries here and abroad and are advisory pastors over ministries in Serbia, Portugal, Guyanna, South America, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Mexico and India.  

Associate Pastor

Dale and Deborah Barkley

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​​Service Location & Times:

Senior Pastors

Mike and Dottie Hill

Sunday:  10 am Adult and Children's Church

Wednesday: 7 pm Adult and Youth Worship

     Action Church, Inc.

     Physical Address​                                                                ​Mailing Address

5580 FM 1960 East                                                             P.O. Box 207

       Dayton, TX  77535                                                              Dayton, TX 77535